Buying at EUROMUEBLE.ES is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

1. Select the furniture in which you are interested and insert them into your cart.

2. Register with login (upper right part of the website) and enter information in all fields.

3. Check on your order that there are the items you have selected and quantities.

4. End Order. If your request is successful you will receive in the email contact has left us when ordering an email confirmation. This confirmation is pending validation, which will take place at the time that we contact you by phone or email by sending a copy of your order to the new order of the purchase. Such contact will occur as our accounting department inform us arrival the full payment or confirmation from the credit card payment in our virtual TPV. Also we inform you of the delivery of the product or your pick up. If you have any doubts when placing your order, please contact us by phone 902 075 046 and we will help make your purchase.